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In the province of Malaga, these markets are very popular and present a great variety. You can find medieval, ecological, clothing, craft markets or even stalls with second-hand items or antiques. Furthermore, a large number of municipalities organize these street stalls, so almost every day of the week you can find one to attend.


Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

Are you considering purchasing a home but still unsure about what type of property best suits your needs? New build homes offer a range of advantages that make them irresistible for both living and investing.


Taxation on gifting property in Spain

Gift tax & inheritance Inheritance and Gift Tax applies to Spanish resident heirs, beneficiaries and donees and is charged on all assets received


Public Transport in Spain: Navigating the Efficient and Diverse Network

Spain's public transport system is extensive and efficient, featuring high-speed trains, comprehensive metro networks, reliable buses, trams, and integrated ticketing solutions. With ease of navigation, accessibility, and sustainability, travelers can seamlessly explore the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of this enchanting European destination.


Living in Mijas vs. Manilva: Comparing Two Charming Costa del Sol Destinations

Mijas and Manilva, two charming towns on the Costa del Sol, offer contrasting yet captivating lifestyles. Mijas exudes traditional Andalusian charm and tranquility, attracting retirees and families seeking a peaceful Spanish setting with stunning views. Meanwhile, Manilva presents a blend of coastal luxury and authenticity, catering to expatriates desiring a glamorous lifestyle with upscale amenities and a vibrant cultural scene. Both towns offer picturesque landscapes, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences, making them alluring destinations on the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean. Prospective residents can choose between the relaxed ambiance of Mijas or the sophistication of Manilva, ensuring a delightful and enriching living experience in the Costa del Sol.


Torremolinos: The Dynamic Jewel of the Costa del Sol

Torremolinos is a vibrant jewel on the Costa del Sol, boasting golden beaches, lively nightlife, and a rich cultural heritage. With picturesque waterfronts, family-friendly attractions, and easy accessibility, it offers a dynamic Mediterranean lifestyle for expatriates and travelers seeking an unforgettable coastal experience.


Benalmádena: A Coastal Paradise of Endless Charm and Diverse Experiences

Benalmádena, a charming coastal paradise on the Costa del Sol, offers a blend of modernity and tradition. Its sun-kissed beaches, iconic Puerto Marina, and historical landmarks like Castillo de Colomares enchant visitors. With family-friendly attractions like Tivoli World and a welcoming international community, Benalmádena promises an unforgettable Mediterranean experience.